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Manufacturer: Metis Digital
The EDS GAMMA integrates an innovative lighting system, designed by Metis, which deliver unique features.
The main characteristics of the EDS lighting system are:
• Light color temperature is Warm White and provide very high color rendering index (CRI=93)
• It includes 4 lamps (LED array based) that can be positioned and tilted independently. This allows to optimize the light distribution over the scan area by maximizing uniformity and minimizing refl ections. Furthermore the possibility to change the angle of the lamps also allows to optimize for particular type of originals.
• Every EDS lamp integrates 60 state of the art high power LEDs arranged in a single array (line).
• Every EDS lamp deliver a luminous fl ux of about 950 lumen; a total of 3800 lumen for 4 lamps.
• Luminous fl ux is equivalent to 4x120 watt traditional bulbs but power consumption is only 4x17 watt.
• Every EDS lamp have a 120 degree uniform output.
• Power supply, cables and electronic are directly integrated into the EDS GAMMA structure.
• 2 lamps can be connected to form a single light source.
• All lamps are directly controlled from the EDS software (the lamps can be switched ON/OFF independently); a specifi c USB link is provided in order to connect the EDS lighting with the PC.
• Thanks to the perfect integration of the EDS lighting with the EDS software, additional acquiring modes and features are also possible as:
• to acquire a special 3D image of the original in which the 3-dimensional shape, the relief and fi ne texture is extrapolated. The 3D image can be used to provide additional information of the original or it can be mixed with the color image in order to deliver specifi c results (i.e. enhancing a specific structure or pattern in the original).
• the light distribution can be fi ne tuned into the EDS Software and the single light sources can be regulated to specifi c lighting levels with real-time adjustments and simulation. This provide further control of the light distribution (distance and angle) but without having to move physically the lamps.

The EDS lighting includes 4 lamps that can be adjusted independently by the user (fi xed in different positions and tilted). Customizing the light position/tilt allow to control the light distribution over the scan area and to optimize refl ections and uniformity. This is very important because different originals may require different arrangements and optimization of the lighting for best results. Furthermore every lamp is controlled (switched On/Off) directly from the EDS Software and according to the selected working profi le (i.e. book, map, etc.).

The EDS GAMMA is an innovative A1 desktop planetary scanner and it’s the latest addition to the METIS EDS family (Easy Digital Scanner). The EDS is a new line of professional scanners that has been created by Metis in order to overcome the usual limitations inherent this category of products. In particular, to offer a superior image quality, ergonomics, ease of use and high productivity in a unique integrated solution. Among the main characteristics of the    EDS-GAMMA there are:
• scan area size and resolution can vary according to user needs thanks to the integrated zoom optics and to the variable camera height and position; this makes possible to acquire very large originals (even larger then the A1 format) or increase the optical resolution over 800PPI on smaller formats.
• unique V-table solution with automatic shape recognition, deskew and curvature correction features.
• unrivalled image quality that is far beyond any other similar solution.
• extremely rapid acquisition time (about 30 full scans per minute).
• integrated METIS LED lighting solution with advanced software control and 3D features.
• comprehensive EDS acquisition software with many powerful and useful features.
• extremely easy to use thanks to the EDS software user friendly “icon based” interface.




Type of scanner

Book scanner A1

Maximum scan format

Acquisition area up to 90 x 60 cm (A1= 84 x 59,4 cm).


200, 250, 300, 400, 600, 800 dpi


Professional Digital Camera with 36 MegaPixels Full Frame (24 x 36 mm) CMOS color sensor; acquisition color depth of 14 bit per channel (3 x 14 bit); integrated sensors for real-time reading of exposure, color temperature and automatic focus

File Format Outputs

A4, A3, A2, A1

Scanning Speed

~1 s

Color Depth

14bit per channel (3 x 14bit);

Scan Modes

Grey scale, color

Light source


The work area

Acquisition area up to 90 x 60 cm (A1= 84 x 59,4 cm). Acquisition area can be further extended (over the A0 format for drawings or maps) thanks to the specifi c system design which allow regulating the camera position. Adjustable working area: it includes the V-table which consists of two tiltable and shiftable fully independent plates which can be easily adapted to different needs and perfectly accommodate even diffi cult original such as old and fragile books with limited opening angle

Software features


  • Automatic or manual exposure control
  • Automatic or manual focus control
  • Automatic or manual depth of focus control
  • Automatic or manual gray balance control (light color temperature compensation)
  • Software control of image exposure and contrast
  • Manual and automatic crop
  • Automatic deskew and curvature correction
  • Light uniformity correction Filter
  • Automatic book center and shape recognition
  • Automatic Book page split with used definable overlap
  • User definable image orientation
  • Automatic Finger recognitiong and removal filter
  • Unsharp masking filter
  • "Live Video" function allow a real time control over the scanning area; this is particularly useful in order to maximize image quality and to perfectly position the original respect to the camera
  • Image review and navigator tools with a full resolution image viewer
  • Add/remove/insert shot button
  • Automatic image naming with user selectable rules (manual naming, programmable increments, etc.)
  • Keyboard shortcuts

File Format Outputs