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e-IMAGE DATA Scan Pro 3000

Manufacturer: E-ImageData

In addition to a 26 megapixel camera, which is nearly twice the optical resolution of any other microfilm scanner on the market, the standard ScanPro 3000 unit comes fully-featured with a cutting-edge design and powerful software capabilities that will revolutionize the way patrons and researchers work with microfilm. More importantly, the ScanPro 3000 is easy to use and built to last.

The ScanPro 3000 features a customizable interface that keeps the tool bar simple. Just load your film, click the Film Selection Wizard to automatically set up your scanner, and voilà — your scanner is set up with only the tool bar controls needed for that particular film. The interactive on-screen help menu is always available at your fingertips for questions or more information about how to use any button control. Use the spot-edit feature for live image editing of selected text and pictures while all other areas remain unchanged. In addition, the AUTO-Adjust tool automatically straightens the on-screen image and properly adjusts brightness and contrast, making your image clear and easier to work with. Some patrons have referred to this as the “magic button” but we assure you, no magic is required.

Our patented FOCUS-Lock technology ensures that your film image is continually in focus. And with the highest optical zoom on the market, you can rest assured that you will be able to get every last detail from your microfilm source. The compact size of the ScanPro 3000 means that it will fit in almost any workspace, and since it’s LibraryQuiet™, it won’t disturb research regardless of its location. It also utilizes the best combination carriers in the industry, making it possible to easily and precisely position your film image on the view screen without needing to manually adjust the film reels.

The ScanPro 3000 is designed and built to stand up to the rigors of public use. Our PRECISION-Guide rollers not only control the side-to-side movement of your microfilm, but are designed to protect your microfilm while in use on the carrier glass, safeguarding your microfilm investments. All ScanPro products have a proven track record of performance and reliability backed by factory-trained and certified dealers. In addition, we pride ourselves on our customer service — updating and training our customers as new features and software updates become available.

ScanPro 3000 Features and Specifications:
Camera optical resolution: 26 megapixels (over 500 dpi on a letter page) Maximum image size: 426 megapixels (image size is not optical resolution) Customizable: tool tabs, button controls, tool tips, graphic film selection WIZARD Film selection WIZARD: One click automatic set up of your scanner for any film application On-screen magnifier (selectable zoom): to read small text and inspect fine details FOCUS-Lock™ (patented): provides continual image focus (at all times, even during optical zoom) Optical image rotation: Maximum resolution for both portrait and landscape images PRECISION-Guide film rollers: Low inertia, easy-to-thread, ball bearing rollers provide precision control of film image position and movement Fiche carrier (oversize), combination roll film carriers (16/35mm and M cartridge film) Optical zoom 7 to 54x or optional 7 to 105x (plus up to 432x with digital magnification) Scan size: Specify the printing size of the scan image (ScanPro exclusive) Selectable auto-crop or persistent crop (efficiently capture images on fiche) Digital image rotation: Rotates film image 90 degrees each click or flips image horizontally USB3/USB2: Convenient, integrated, front access port for portable flash drives Soft bright, true color, standard optical green, film-optimized lamps with lifetime warranty Scan resolution (selectable): 150 to 1200 dpi Automatic film scanning: Partial or full roll with AUTO-Scan® Pro (optional) MergeClips™: Combine, arrange, and size scans to a single page, plus annotation SPOT- Edit™ (live editing provides speed and accuracy): Select any area (or multiple areas) then adjust brightness, contrast, redact or whiteout for any selection Scan mode: Enhanced grayscale, grayscale, bi-tone (B&W) with or without PDF/L Microforms (pos and neg): Film, fiche, ultrafiche, ap cards, micro opaque (optional) Optical straighten (no image size reduction): Select automatic, line or manual Roll film controls: Image advance slow and fast (forward and reverse), image scrolling, image framing, auto-rewind and familiar physical buttons to control film movements One-click print buttons: Print to up to three printers located nearly anywhere; print to paper trays to select paper sizes, print to plotters, specify where on the paper to print or center, turn on/off watermark and copyright warnings One-click scan buttons: Scan to e-mail (direct within the ScanPro software), USB3/USB2 flash drives, hard drive, CD, FamilySearch All common file formats and word searchable PDF/A (OCR with ABBYY® fine reader) One-click AUTO-Adjust button: Adjusts brightness, contrast, straightens, and crops Previous/Next: Automatically moves the film one image for each click PowerScan Productivity Suite (optional)

ScanPro 3000 Product Information:
Fits almost anywhere - Patented technology provides compact design
Operating Systems - Win 7 and Win 8.1 (32 and 64 bit)
Hardware Interface - USB3 Super Speed
Dimensions (H x W x L) - (18 x 31 x 41) cm (7 x 12 x 16) inches
Weight - 9kg (19.5lbs)
Power - 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Energy Efficiency - ENERGY STAR® compliant and labeled
Product Safety - OSHA workplace safety compliant, UL/CSA standards